Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Arkansas for Christmas

We are on the road again. We are in Arkansas, camped along the Arkansas River. We get to see some beautiful birds including White Pelicans and many varieties of duck. We have not seen any barge traffic, but we have not spent much time in t he campground during the day. We spend most of our time at Michael and Audrey's. Check out this video of Cameron. He was born the last time we were visiting. He is getting sooo big. We heard some noise in the train room and I went in and caught him on video.

We left Mansfield in a thick fog. I took this one shot at the gas station in town:

The good news is that the diesel was under $3.00 per gallon. We have seen regular unleaded at under $2.00 per gallon. The prices are back up down here in Arkansas to around $3.20, but that is still much better than this summer in Colorado.

I have been working on Michael's motorcycle. I thought I had it fixed, but I had to start over yesterday and split the cases again. I ordered some more parts and tools and hopefully we will have it ready to ride this coming weekend. 

I will let you know that I am going to be posting some other stuff in my blog for some of my motorcycle racer friends in the coming days. You can disregard those posts. I am writing some helpful stuff to educate some of the more serious racers on how to develop income from social media for continuing their racing careers. 

We are not sure when we will leave Arkansas and head to Oklahoma. It will depend on how the motorcycle repair goes and what the weather is doing. In the meantime we are really enjoying some time with the grandkids.  

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