Monday, March 3, 2014

Arkansas Ice Storm

We decided to move to a different park in the Russellville, Arkansas area. This is a COE park and is very nice. It is $20 per night and it sits right next to the Arkansas River at the dam and locks. You can see the river right behind us.
 It is cool to sit here watching barges go by. This is the second time on this trip I could sit by a major river and watch shipping go by. It seem like a much more civil way to move freight than by interstate in a truck.

We decided to stay here in Russellville because the weather looked like it was going to get bad up north in Missouri. It looked like the weather was going to get bad here with the wintry mix starting around 11AM. We decided to make a 8:30 mass in Atkins. They have a really cool old church and we wanted to check it out. It was cool and the people were very friendly.

The bad stuff started as predicted and we ended up staying inside all day and read. That was the first time I have done that in a while and it was kind of nice.

I got up this morning and went for a walk to check out the snow and ice. Here are a few shots:

Here is a shot of the rock bluff right across the river:
 You will have to zoom in, but here is a picture of some White Pelicans. There are about 40 of them hanging out around the dam. We are also seeing snow geese, cardinals and many other birds including a possible sighting of a bald eagle, but I am not sure.

We are now planning to stay here until Wednesday or Thursday. When the weather breaks we need to get on back to Mansfield. We have a race to get ready for on the 16th of March. The sun is out and it is a beautiful, but cold day.  SCRATCH THAT. I had to edit this post. Kim and I went out for a walk and it clouded up and started snowing. It has been snowing for about 2 hours now. Not hard, but sunny it is NOT!

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