Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cameron Comes Home and Day Trip to Petit Jean

Cameron made it home the day after he was born. Here are a few snaps of the coming home party:

Audrey was surprised and is looking good.
Proud Papa:
The Star of the show:
 Grandma getting in her cuddles:
 The proud family:
 Grandpa gets his time in:

We have been doing the baby thing this past week. Cameron is doing great. Audrey and Michael could use some sleep, but other than that, they are doing well. Kim and I are trying to help as much as possible by taking Connor off on some adventures to give Audrey some time to rest.

Yesterday we went to Petit Jean State Park. It is up on a tall hill. It has the distinction of being the first Arkansas State Park. It was built in the 1930 by the CCC. We love CCC parks because of the very intricate rock work. When we arrived, we went to the visitor center and Connor enjoyed the interpretive exhibits and the "find the animal" case. When we departed the center we were greeted with a sleet storm.
Here is a cabin built by the CCC:

Here is the view from the Cedar Falls overlook:

Very impressive!
Here are some interesting rock formations created  by iron deposits in the rock:
Then we took a walk at the Bear Cave area. There were some very cool rocks all stacked with narrow crevices between them. And a few small caves.

Here is a view back down into the Arkansas river Valley:

It was a fun trip and it was good to spend some time with Connor.

We were planning to go back to Missouri this weekend, but it looks like winter is not done yet. So, we are going to stay in Arkansas for about another week. It is about 15 degrees warmer here and we like warm. We are thinking about moving to another park just for the change of scenery. In my next update you will know if we decided to do that.

Thanks for reading.

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