Monday, April 14, 2014

Grandchildren, Motorcycles and a Bird.

We have settled in to a very relaxed life at the ranch. This is exactly what I was looking forward to. I keep active with working on the trails at the ranch to prepare for an event on May 3-4, but that has been at a relaxed pace - for now. I have also been doing some riding with some visitors and new members. I really enjoy showing people around this beautiful place.

We have also been enjoying some time with the grand kids. Jacob spent this past weekend at the ranch. We seem to be able to really enjoy them when it is one on one.

Last week William had a preschool presentation. Here is a picture of that. He never did smile. I don't know why he had such an attitude, that is not like him at all.

William is the one with the checkered shirt in the middle with the lack of a smile. 

Spring has come to the Ozarks. While out walking, I did get a few pictures of flowers. I think this is a crocus.

Some watercress in our spring pond. I think I will make a watercress salad.

We have a bird feeder by the trailer and love to watch the many types of birds that come and eat. We have a large picture windows on that side of the trailer. We have had a few birds fly into the window. They normally bounce off and just keep on going. One time one flew into our open door and knocked himself silly trying to get out. Kim picked him up and I let him sit on my finger for a while until we was ready to fly again. It was about 30 minutes of swapping stories and talking between two bird brains.

I think he is a Tufted Titmouse.

I went to a motorcyle race this past weekend to hang out with my son Scott. He has a job working for a race promoter. He does work in his shop during the week and then helps with races on the weekend. This was a very beautiful piece of property right along the Gasconade river. Here are a few shots.

They even got to ride through the middle of an old farm house. It was cool.

I will close this entry with a sunset and a picture of the rock house and our trailer sitting behind it. 

Enjoy your day.

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