Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yeah! We got the Truck back!

This will just be a short post. I just wanted to document that we got the truck back from the Ford Dealer here in Goliad. The problem turned out to be a Cam Position Sensor. The part was $45, but there was about $230 in labor and tax. All in all, not bad. The towing was the expensive part.

The good news is that we are now ready to move on. I did not know how much not having the truck was bothering me until I went to pick it up. I just feel whole again. Hard to explain.

Our plan now is to put the rig in storage in the Kerrville area tomorrow. Then we will head to the Dallas area and spend the night. We will then make the drive on up to Missouri.

Everything happens for a reason. We got to go to church at the Presidio and I was able to spend some time touring Goliad on bicycle. Kim was able to do a bunch of reading. All is good.

I just can't do a blog post without a picture. Here is one of my favorite shots of the dawn of a new day while at Goose Island:

I heard a quote today: " Each year of you life go to some place you have not been before" I don't like that. My plan is to go to some place I have not been to before every day of my life. Sounds like a good plan!

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