Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Time at the Ranch

I can't believe that it has been 30 days since we arrived at the ranch. The time has gone so quickly. We have had a great time with Shannon and Brian and the grand kids. We have also had some great times with friends that come to the ranch to play on this awesome piece of ground.

The good news is that my leg has healed up very well. I have almost no discomfort when I do most things. I do get reminded when I stretch it or bend over to pick something up off of the ground.

In the past month, I have not taken a ton of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

Will Riding his motorcycle. 
Here is a short video of Will riding the race course before the Hare Scramble at the end of September.

Here is a shot of the pit area during the races. It is always amazing to see this large field turn into a small city and then back to a pasture in the matter of just a few hours.

This young man is just 15 years old. I have had the pleasure of watching him ride since he was about 7. I think he will be the next big thing in our sport. The best part is that he is a better young man from a great family than he is a rider/racer. Meet Noah Clark.

It is fall in the Ozarks and time for pumpkins. Here is a picture of Amelia, my favorite little pumpkin. She is growing up so fast. She will be 1 year old on October 23.

Amelia loves to swing
We had our good friends Dean and Margit come out and camp with us at the ranch for a few nights. We had a great time playing cards and some other games. I lost at everything else except Yahtzee. I think this is my best score ever!

We love to camp with other couples. Please come join us on the road when we come to your area or just travel to a point along our trip, we would love to see you.

I did an upgrade to our battery and solar system. I installed the battery monitor in the middle. This thing will monitor the state of charge of the batteries and tell me what the rate of flow of power in or out. I also relocated my solar charger to inside the rig behind the TV. We are now doing a better job of using that dead space.

We moved my printer in the hole and have some other storage in there, now that the TV will pivot out of the way. This was just one of the major projects that I was able to complete while we were at the ranch. We are now prepared to take on the beach and desserts of the SW US. I can't wait to be sitting in a lawn chair looking out at the gulf checking my surf casting rod.

We got the boat out for one last run on Bull Shoals Reservoir. It was a beautiful day and the boat ran great. It has now been winterized and put to bed for the long winters sleep. The goal is to work on my conditioning over the winter and spring to be ready to ski next year when we return to Missouri.

As the weather cools off, I have been able to spend some great days out on the ranch cleaning up after the events. I have been able to go riding twice. I have tried to keep it slow to let the leg heal and that works most of the time.

We had Isabella, Will and Amelia come out for the night on Friday. We rode and hung out in the trailer.

Does Will look like a racer or what?

Amelia sitting in Grandpa's chair.
Will is also a great soccer player. And Shannon is the coach.

Another season in the books. Isabella handing out snacks and Shannon handing out medals.
Well that is it for our time at the ranch. We are leaving to head south on Thursday, October 20. We are excited to get back on the road. It just seems that life is too fast for us when we are here. We much more enjoy our relaxed lifestyle on the road. Join us here to see the places we go and the sites we see.


  1. What cute grandkids! Glad the leg is healing well. Hopefully we'll cross paths next year. We'll be heading to the East Coast and then back. I believe we'll cross through Missouri on our way back, maybe Oct? Not sure yet.

    1. Thanks, we love those grand kids. It would be great to finally meet you in person in Missouri next year, but we may see you in Arizona this winter. We should be out that way in January and February.

  2. Have a great time this fall/winter. How we wish that we could join/accompany you. We were looking at another older Class A again; but we are just reliving old memories.

    1. Keep those dreams alive. Thanks for the comment and we hope you are feeling better.