Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Life in Boot Key Harbor

We have been in Boot Key Harbor since November 24. I have had a hard time getting motivated to write in the blog. We have been very busy with social activities. This place has been a big surprise. There is a social event or two almost every day. It is the holiday season, so much of it is related to the season, but it is obvious these are very social people. We have had an easy time getting involved as the cruisers are all very open to new people. I guess that is just the nature of this transient lifestyle.

This entry will be a series of photos that will show some of our activities while we have been here.

Beautiful moon rise over the harbor
We had a lighted boat parade in the harbor. We invited some friends over to our boat and we sat and watched the show. All were very impressive.

We made a trip with new friends to Key West. It was a fun day.
We did get out for one day sail on December 7. We had a great sail with winds of 15-18 knots. It was our first time we have sailed in the Atlantic Ocean.

We had a nice happy hour with our new friends Dave And Sue at the Sunset Grill

Sunset at Sunset Grill
Our second trip to Key West was to see an old Friend. I have know Rich for 40 years.
We watched this beautiful sunset from Mallory Square.
Our third trip to Key west was to see the new Star Wars movie and to go to Christmas Eve Mass at the Basilica. They were having a children's Christmas Pageant. It was packed, but beautiful.

We finished off our Christmas Day with a lighted dingy parade. We had a very interesting Christmas. 
We will finish this off with a rainbow over the Harbor.
We are planning to stay here in Marathon until mid January. I will talk about our future plans in my next entry. Happy New Year to all!


  1. Glad your trip has given you lots of exciting events especially in Key West. Since your present address is Marathon Key you might consider going to the "No Name Bar". They are nearly always packed and make the best Pizza in the east.
    Wishing you a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year.

    It's about time.

  2. When you are that busy with exciting things going on I can see why it would be hard to find time or even want to take time out to write a blog. Just keep having a ball and posting the beautiful photos when you have time. We love all the photos especially the sunset at Mallory Square. It should be on everyones bucket list. Happy New Year my friend.
    Dick & Cathy

    1. That was a special sunset at Mallory Square. Happy New Year to you guys also.