Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leaving Glacier National Park


On June 17, it was time to move on from Glacier National Park. We had about 300 miles to drive to get to my cousins cabin north of Spokane, Washington. For those in Missouri, that is pronounced SPO-CAN – not SPO-cane. We thought seriously about floating a portion of the Middle Fork of the Flathead river that ran by our campsite, but we decided that we needed to work our way up to that. Yeah OK, we chickened out. Here are a couple more looks at the river.



Big Creek campground is a beautiful place. We just loved it there and it is a perfect place to use as a basecamp to explore Glacier NP.

It took us a while to get motivated, but we got going and drove south along Flathead Lake. It is a beautiful drive with lots of towns along the lake with large marinas. You can tell this is the place to be in the summer for many people from this area. We turned west on Hwy 28 and everything changed. We went for many miles without seeing another car and very few large ranches nested in the beautiful valley. As we were approaching Plains, Montana, we saw something in the road in front of us. As we got closer we could tell it was a very young baby elk. We could see mama up the very steep slope to our right. The baby was struggling to get across the road. It was a steep downhill on the road, but I got stopped and put my flashers on. We sat there for about 5 minutes and just watched the baby struggle, but finally get up to where mama was.






You will have to zoom in a bit to see the baby and its mama. It was very cool.

With our good deed done for the day, we headed on to Trout Creek, Montana. We found what looked like a nice RV park on Passport America in Trout Creek. It was only $15 per night with full hook ups. We have lived without electricity for 30 days. That is the second time on this trip we have done that. We were ready for some modern conveniences like a Microwave oven and a toaster. I was also looking forward to playing unlimited Wii. It is amazing the things you miss and the things you don’t.

We will report in again from Trout Creek and then it is on to Washington State, the state of my birth. As the Boy Scouts teach – Do a good turn daily.

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