Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Going to the Sun Road–the First Time


On Friday, June 12, we stayed in the campground. The day of rest was good for my aching back. As the day went on, I was able to get out and move a little bit. I took this picture of the river flowing by. We really want to go floating in the river, but the current looks strong and we do not have enough experience yet. Will we or won’t we?


On Saturday, June 13, we decided to head over to the Apgar Visitor center to get an internet connection so that I could upload the blog posts I had written while I was sitting around the day before and get some other information. Kim went inside to gather the information, but failed to tell me all of it when she returned. We headed back up the road called “Going to the Sun Road” or just the “Sun Road”. The name comes from a nearby mountain with the same name. After we were partially up the road, Kim remembers to tell me that there is a mass in the park at 4:20 PM. It was already after 2:00, so we would have to hustle to make it. I really wanted to go to church outside in this awesome place, so we hurried. That just made us commit to making the trip up the road a second time.

The drive up the road is absolutely stunning. The mountains tower above you. The waterfalls are just breathtaking. The WOW’s are around every corner.


We stopped at a pullout and these two deer that were just hanging out.




The lighting was not great for pictures of the mountains, but I took a bunch of shots anyway.














The scenes from the road are incredibly beautiful, but the construction of the road is also amazing.


The road is only open to Logan pass and sadly will not be open while we are here. I guess we will just have to come back.



We saw a few mountain sheep along the road. They are looking a little rough this time of year due to them losing their winter coats.


There is still significant snow up at Logan Pass. There is a story about that snow that will wait for a future post.




We had just enough time to make it back to Apgar to be on time for church. The road takes about an hour to drive 30 miles. The last 8 miles are very slow.

Here are pictures of our church this week. Compare them to the Cathedral in Helena last week.




The view up the lake is very nice.


I spoke with the Priest after mass and told him that we had visited a number of Cathedrals in the past few months and told him that I much preferred his church. He told me that the Architect on this one was much more experienced and had an unlimited palate in which to create beauty.

I love that last shot.

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