Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Unplanned Life

We woke up at Gin Creek Campground on Friday, April 1. Yep, April Fools day and we did not know what we were going to do next. I know some people need to have a plan. I used to be one of those people. This is the one area that I have worked hard to change. When I have plans, I tend to charge ahead and miss the journey along the way. I have always envied people that could just go with the flow. I think that the "go with the flow" mindset can help in reducing stress and making your overall health better.

I started the day by looking again at the website for Twitley Creek Campground at the other end of the lake. I looked at their website last night and it said they would be open on April 1. Today it said, April 8. It did rain significantly last night and the reason they were closed was flooding. We considered staying the weekend at Gin Creek, but decided that we were ready to move on. I looked at our options and found an Arkansas State Park right on the border with Mississippi. It was about 200 miles away. I looked at the weather radar and it looked like we could shoot right between two big storms and get into some more stable air. The winds were fairly light and they were going to be picking up the next few days. All of those factors weighed into our decision to move on. We got hitched up in about 45 minutes and we were ready to roll. Before I left, I took a couple more pictures of Gin Creek.

You just have to love the $6 rate

A very angry Lake Okatibbee, Mississippi

We drove through Philadelphia, Mississippi. It was a nice town. I did not know at the time of the history in Philadelphia. I may write about that in the future.

We drove on through the beautiful forests of Central Mississippi. Then in a matter of about a mile it all changed. It went from hilly to dead flat. I knew we had reached the Mississippi River delta. The rich farm land was very wet. You could tell how much rain they had received. Kim noticed how the houses are built at ground level in some cases much lower than the surrounding land. We wondered how they don't get flooded out on a regular basis.

We drove on and crossed the Mighty Mississippi at Greenville. They have a fairly new bridge that is very attractive. We then had just a few miles left to Lake Chicot State Park. We got checked in and got set up in site #78. The sites are very wet. It looks like it will be a sunny weekend, so hopefully it will dry up some.

Our view of a very wet campground
It has been a bit chilly and windy on Friday and Saturday, but thankfully no more rain. Other than going for a bike ride and a long walk, we have settled in and read.

We did have to keep the rig open because we got into some ants at Gin Creek. I guess that low rate had a negative. Kim took the opportunity to clean out some cabinets and add some new shelf lining.

We did make church on Saturday evening in Lake Village. It is a very historic town on the other side of the Oxbow lake we are on. I really liked some of the old homes along the lake.

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church was beautiful inside
The town was founded by some Italian emigrants. They started this church.

Beautiful classic construction
I love the buggy port on this one
The sun finally came out today. I think I will go for a long walk and check out the entire park. Come back to see what I find. We are also looking at our plans to get to Russellville by the end of the week. I think we will make one more stop if we can find a good place.


  1. When do you estimate your arrival at the ranch?

  2. We are looking like 4/15 or so. I hope you are ready to ride, I have only ridden once on this trip. Just too much other stuff to do.