Monday, April 11, 2016

We Love Our Grandchildren!

I am sure you have heard the statement that Grandchildren are much more fun than Children. We totally concur with that statement. We love our children, but our grandchildren are just awesome. We love to spend time with them whenever we can.

We left Cane Creek SP in Star City, Arkansas on April 7. We had about 150 miles to get to Russellville, AR. I was concerned about the forecast for wind, but it turned out to not be a major problem. We actually left the campground by 9:30AM and made the mostly interstate drive up through Little Rock and on over to the Old Post COE Campground at the Lake Dardanelle Dam. We have stayed at this campground a few times and really like it. The camp hosts are excellent and really take good care of the place. We like to park along the river and check out the locks and dam. There is very regular barge traffic along this part of the Arkansas River and that adds to the experience. There is also a large contingent of White Pelicans that are in the river enjoying the good fishing below the dam. The only downside is the constant hum of a local plant of some kind. It is not enough to be a bother when trying to sleep at night, but when sitting out at night it does breakup the other wise quiet campground.

Our rig in site #22.
Our view out the back of our rig of the Lake Dardanelle Dam
One of the barges we see go by

We come here to see our son Michael and his wife Audrey and our grandsons Connor and Cameron. Connor is 5 and Cameron is 2.

Connor doing some fishing
These two boys are non stop. They love to stay very active and they just wear out anyone that is trying to look after them. Connor had a soccer game on Saturday that we were able to walk to from our campsite.

Connor is number 4. He scored a few goals in a very lopsided win for his team. 
We have had them come out and hang out with us in the campground. We even had our second campfire of the trip. We went bowling, stopped for ice cream and then went shopping. When was the last time you went grocery shopping with a 5 year old? It was quite an experience for this grandpa. We are just having a blast.

Michael and Audrey seem to be doing very well. They have a very busy life with their little family. Audrey did get her Zumba teaching certificate while we were here. She had to dance for almost 9 hours on Saturday to get that done. That should lead to a job teaching at her local health club.

This video does a great job of capturing Cameron. He loves motorcycles and he was playing on his big brothers bicycle.

I laugh every time I watch it. He is just so cute.

Connor caught a fish the other day. He kept telling me it was his first fish, but I am not sure that is true.

Connor and his fish. We were fishing in a ditch.
This picture is for my friend Darrell. His father helped build this dam.

I did want to take a minute to pass on some great family news. Kim's awesome aunt LaLa has just finished her cancer treatments and has been declared cancer free! Both her and her husband Bill have beaten that terrible disease over the past 2 years.

We are planning to stay here 5 days. We also were able to make some new friends here in the campground and catch up with some old ones. I will tell more about our other experiences in Russellville in my next post.

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  1. Thanks for the picture Shawn. Yep, he was the Project Superintendent on that project.
    Yall be safe and enjoy the grandbabies