Friday, May 6, 2016

Hiking at the Ranch and Grandkids

It is difficult to keep writing when we are not traveling. I find my life pretty ordinary and that is not very interesting. The truth is my life is still pretty great. I still enjoy the freedom of not having to go to work for someone else, and choosing my daily activities for myself.

I have been hiking around the 750 acres doing a little trail maintenance and checking out the sites. Here is a picture of the amazing terrain:

This valley is very steep and rocky. We call this area "Something Special". It is used as an element in the Ozark 100 Miler in November. It looks a bit different with the leaves on the trees.

The entire ranch is now covered by the new leaf cover. The view is very different from the winter months. We had almost 4 inches of rain in the past week. If that had come before the MORE race, the riders would have had to ride through a very wet creek.

This creek was dry on April 24th for the race.

While I was hiking around, I got a look at this good snake. It is a Prairie King Snake. We leave them alone and let them eat the vermin and copperheads. It is about 3.5 feet long.

While I was working in the shop the other day, I saw a Black Rat Snake that was over 6 feet long. That was kind of exciting.

One great thing about the ranch this time of year is the flowers. These Iris's were on the ranch, but transplanted by Kim and Linda to this small garden.

Last weekend, Shannon and her family had a combined birthday party for the entire family. They rented out a local arcade called "1984". It is a very cool place. It is filled by video games from the 1980's. I use to play them for hours. It is amazing that I cold still remember the patterns and was able to do pretty well at Galaga, Xevious, Defender, Missile Command and others. I did get some time with the grandkids. Here are a few shots.

That is Amelia and Cameron along with a family friend Cocoa.
Amelia has something to say. 

I have been working on getting things ready for a big family weekend for Mothers Day. Kim has been sick with a cold, so we are hoping she is feeling better by Sunday. I have been getting all of my small bikes running well for the grand kids this weekend.

Little TTR 50 on the left, then my \KTM 400 and two TTR 125's. 
Well that is about it from here. Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time with the wee ones. Mothers Day sounds like it will be fun too!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Debbie. I do love my time with the grandkids. I find balancing time on the road with time with the grandkids the hardest part of this lifestyle. I guess I am just blessed.