Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Return to the Georgia Coast

We left the Okefenokee Swamp NWR on February 1. We drove about 125 miles through Waycross and on to Brunswick, Georgia. We selected Golden Isles RV park. This choice was made totally on location and price. Golden Isles is a Passport America park and the rate was only $20 per night with full hookups including the best cable TV we have ever had. You are limited to 3 days at the PA rate. We were even able to watch the Supercross on FS1 on Saturday night. The park overall was kind of old, but well kept. We were only about a mile from I-95, but right on a state highway. It was kind of noisy, but not all bad. It looks like they have a section that is just for transient campers. Many of the sites were turning over each day.

We were in the area to start our tour of the Atlantic coasts of Georgia and South Carolina. We had come to this area about 16 years ago on a business reward trip (When the old company did that type of thing). Kim was able to go with me. I think that was only the 2nd time that was allowed in the 33+ years with that now defunct company.

On Friday, February 2, we decided to tour Jekyll Island. We started out with a walk on the beach. This was our first view of the Atlantic Ocean on this trip.
Kim walking on the beach. Nothing ever changes. We were wearing coats and hats, it was a cool windy day.
This was called Driftwood Beach and you can see why

We had a nice view across the river to the lighthouse on Saint Simons Island
A squadron of Pelicans
We then decided to take a tour of the Jekyll Island Club, which is a National Historic Landmark. This club was for the ultra rich back in the late 1800's and early 20th century. It was given to the state of Georgia after World War 2. They have restored it and it is open for tours. I generally am not a fan of this type of place, but I smiled and went along. Before the tour we went to check out the chapel. 

The highlight of the chapel is this Tiffany signed stained glass window 
The tour was $15 per person and was fine. (yep, that is the best word I can give to it.)

The clubhouse complete with croquet lawn. Some locals all dressed in white were playing. 
I did like the large oak trees covered with Spanish moss

Each of the houses are called cottages. They are surprisingly small for the ultra rich people that lived here, but that was part of rules. Most did not have kitchens, they took their meals in the clubhouse. They would only stay for a couple of months in the winter.

On Saturday, February 3, we headed over to Saint Simon Island. Our first stop was at the King and Prince Resort. This was the resort we stayed at with the rest of the winners of the "Gold Trip" for sales excellence. This was back when work was enjoyable and rewarding.

We left there and took another walk on the beach.

It was another cool day. Kim found an interesting tribute to a local girl that had passed away in 2017 at a young age. 

We parked at the Coast Guard Station. 
We then started just driving around. Maybe we should do some more research. We found Fort Frederica National Monument. This was a fort that was built as part of the effort of James Oglethorpe to establish the colony of Georgia for England between 1736 and 1748. He laid out a nice town and brought many people that he felt deserved a second chance in life over to inhabit the colony. He also was a friendly trader with the native people of the area. The majority of the construction was tabby, which is coastal concrete with a large amount of shell it it. It is amazing how well it has stood up to the elements over the years. 

Most of the buildings are just foundations and fireplaces.
We took a walking tour with a ranger. It was a bit long on detail, but we appreciated the facts.

It was an interesting tour and got my interest up in the history of the area. We left Golden Isles on Sunday, February 4. We had to get to our new home in time to watch the Super Bowl. That was no problem, we only drove about 60 miles up the coast to Hinesville, Georgia. What is in Hinesville you ask? We had no idea. Find out what we found in my next entries. 


  1. We loved Fort Frederica. A nice little walk back in history. We love to watch the Pelicans because they tell us when to start our migration north. Which way were they flying?? Safe Travels

    1. I think those pelicans were flying locally. It looked to me like they were cruising up the river looking for food.

  2. If I did not know any better, I would have thought that first picture of Kim on the beach was her walking on snow the way she was bundled up!

    1. We really don't mind a little cold weather (not freezing). It is winter after all. It was 80 two days ago.

  3. We visited that area a couple years ago, and enjoyed it. We biked all around Jekyll Island -- that was fun. We stayed at Blythe Island County Park, just up the road from where you stayed.

    1. We enjoyed exploring the area. So much to do, we saved some for next time.