Friday, November 4, 2016

The Big Party and My Favorite Day

The big surprise 80th Birthday party for my father in law Richie was scheduled for Saturday October 29. We had my son's Mark and Scott coming in via plane and train. Shannon's husband, Brian was also flying in later in the day. We only wished that Michael and his family would have been there. We started the day at the beach with the kids.

The water felt warm and we all had a good time. 

Will tried to make a sand castle, but the tide was coming in.
Amelia loves the beach. As a now one year old, she was not scared at all. Here is a sequence of her getting hit by a wave. She did not care one bit and just laughed and splashed in the water.

After the fun time at the beach, we all got showers and Shannon took the kids to spend some time with their father. Kim went over to the party site to get things set up. Shannon was also heading to the airport and train station to pick up her brothers. This is where the "favorite day" part came in. I got to stay back at the trailer and baby sit Amelia all day by myself. I love one year olds and when they are as cute and lovable as Amelia, it is awesome. 

She was tired after her morning on he beach, so I fed her lunch and she was ready for a nap. She is so adorable when she is asleep.

When she woke up we had another lunch. I love spoiling the grand kids. 

When Scott and Mark showed up, Kim needed them at the party set up to do some raking. They worked their tails off. Thanks Men! Shannon went back to the airport to pick up Brian. They took the opportunity to have a date night and I gladly went back to caring for Amelia. 

The next day we hit the beach in the morning with all the guys. 

Shannon, Brian and Amelia loving the beach again
Then it was time to head to the party site for last minute prep and to welcome our guests. 

Before picture. 
We were expecting about 150 people. 

Kim's Godfather Steve Jamail

Grandson Jake with his "Feel the Bern" shirt. Mark and Isabella in the background

Two Birthday Cakes
Richie was both surprised and moved. He has been a great FIL for all these years. 

Richie with Walter, one of Eric and Elizabeth's twins. 
Thanks to Uncle Kenny for letting us have the party in the yard next to his beach house. It was a perfect location. 

Phyllis and Ritchie and many of their grand children and great grand children. 
This is part of what Phyllis and Richie started. 
Here is our guest of honor flanked by his living brothers and one of his two living sisters. Kay had left earlier. Richie is now 80 and the youngest in this picture.
Donna did an amazing job putting this party together and it all worked out great. She made a video of Richie's life and I could tell he was moved by that. His comment was, "at least he got to see the video while I am still alive",  will stick with me as I travel and make my own memories. 

Fun time and fun party. Mission Accomplished!


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    1. It was a very special time. One of the most difficult things for us in this lifestyle is balancing our time with family and being on the road. We love both!