Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My last day of work was January 17. Kim and I flew to Maryland on Thursday and flew back to Mobile, AL on Saturday. It was a bit more emotional than I expected. The send off from my good friends in the company was very nice. They gave me a nice gift and I hope to see them in the future. Now it is time to get on with the adventure and learn how I will cope in the future. I am very excited.

When we got back, we hit a Saturday evening vigil at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile. It was one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. The added bonus was the Bishop was saying mass.

We were staying at Shepherd State Park in Gautier, MS. It was not a very nice park, but it has a good location and was inexpensive. On Monday the 20th, MLK day, we moved on to the National Seashore about 13 miles away. That is my kind of travel day. We stayed there for 4 days and did a bunch of hiking and looking at birds. Here is a Great Egret:

Here is a sunset shot looking back at Biloxi. We like sunsets. 

We are now ready to take on this adventure. I will try to keep this more updated, now that we are living the dream.

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