Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polar Vortex hits New Orleans!

We have been staying at St. Bernard State Park, just south of New Orleans. We are a few hundred yards from the Mississippi River. Many big ships go by on their way into port.

For the last two days all we are hearing on the news is the closings and how everyone should stay off of the roads. The town was completely shut down. It is true that many of the bridges were iced over, but I guess they did not have enough salt in all of the salt shakers in town to take care of the bridges. Here is what we had at the campground:
Those really are icicles. We did have ice on the steps.

I did find some ice on some puddles:

Here was the accumulation of snow and ice at our site:

Yeah, I can't see it either. 

After reading about the lack of preparation in Atlanta, I guess it was good that they took all of the precautions. It was just the 24 hour coverage and continual warnings that were kind of comical to this guy from Missouri. The good news is that the forecast is for 70 degrees on Friday. Just another adventure on the road. We are trying to decide what to do from here. We may go to Grand Isle, may not.    

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