Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Orleans Cemeteries and Museums

We took some time while we were in the New Orleans area to check out some of the cemeteries and museums. The cemeteries are very ornate and very old. We started by going to the Chalmette Battlefield. This is where the battle of New Orleans was fought in 1815 at the end of the war of 1812.

The National Battlefield is right next door. There are veterans buried there from all wars from the war of 1812 to Vietnam. It was very thought provoking.

There was one of the most awesome Live Oaks I have ever seen. It was by the visitors center at the battlefield.

We went to New Orleans and Kim wanted to check out some of the old city cemeteries.
This is a monument dedicated the the confederate soldiers from the Ladies Benevolent Association of Louisiana in 1874. 
Here is one for the Moore's. Kim knows how much Donna loves cemeteries. 

Kim was REALLY wanting to go to Cafe Du Monde for some bignets. Here is the proof she gets what she wants.
I saw this sign. I almost bought it.

  On Saturday we went to the WW2 Museum. It was very good, but I did not take a bunch of  pictures. They did have a Sherman tank and a number of really nice aircraft. 
The best part of the visit was the film by Tom Hanks. Every person in America should see that. Here is a picture of a German 88, and MG42 machine gun and a DKW motorcycle. All very cool. 
We took a drive down to Shell beach. It is not really a beach, just a local fishing community. It was hit very hard by Katrina. The entire area that we have been staying in was hit very hard. Everywhere you look, you can still see things left over from 2005. These Pelicans looked pretty interesting.

At the end of the road, this memorial was placed. 

We have had a good time visiting New Orleans. This is not our normal thing to do, but I am glad we did. We will move on to the coast tomorrow and see what new adventures we can find. Thanks for reading. You can sign up to become a follower if you want to get an alert when I put a place a new post.  

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