Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moving on from New Orleans

We were ready to move on from New Orleans. Our plan was to move to the coast of Louisiana. Grand Isle was the destination. We got going and were ready to leave about 10:00 AM, but I wanted to say a quick good bye first. I had met a couple that were camped just a few sites down earlier in the week. We actually came into the park at exactly the same time. I could tell by a few indicators that they were full timers. As it turns out, Gordon and Laura have been full time for 19 years. Kim and I went over to give them a card and say good bye. Instead they invited us in and we talked for about 2 hours. They shared great stories from the road and gave us many good pieces of advice and information. It was great. We then made the 3 hour drive down to Grand Isle. Here are a few snaps of the park.

The bathhouses are very new and very nice. The sites are large and are all easy pull through sites. It was quite foggy, but warm. 
The beach is not a pretty as the Florida white sand beaches, but it is very nice with many shells. As you know by now, Kim loves beaches. Here is shot of her doing what she loves to do, hunting for shells.

We met another couple from Iowa. Dick and Maribeth are part timers, but had some great stories of trips to Alaska. The crazy thing is their daughter lives in Ozark, MO and Kim knows them well. Another small world incident. One critical piece of intelligence was provided by Dick. He told me where to go to get shrimp right off of the boat. We went out and bought 2 pounds of huge shrimp. Then I fixed shrimp K-bobs for dinner. Yummy. While cooking, I caught a few nice sunset shots.
The weather turned cold today. I think the high was about 50 with a stiff north wind. It is expected to be colder tomorrow. We may just stay in and relax, but who knows. 
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