Sunday, February 9, 2014

Better Weather

We had some pretty cold and cloudy weather last week, but things started getting better on Friday and kept getting better through Today (Sunday). It was about 70 today and mostly sunny. It was so nice, we decided that we are going to stay at Grand Isle longer. It is great to have the flexibility to do that. On Saturday, I did a long walk on the nature trails and on the fishing pier. They have a nice observation tower that give you a good look around.

Here is the pier from the observation tower:

Here is a picture of one of the small lakes behind the campground. There is many birds to see including great Egrets. There is one taking off in this picture if you zoom in.
I also got a good look at an Osprey, but not a good picture.

We took a long walk on the beach. We took off the shoes and enjoyed walking in the water picking up shells. I did finally find a full sand dollar. 

While we were walking we had a group of dolphins come right up to the shore in very shallow water. They were about 20 yards from us. It was very cool, but again no good shots.

I finished off the weekend with an evening walk and a nice sunset.

Note: You should be able to click on any picture to see a larger image. I hope you are all enjoying the weather where ever you are. 

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