Saturday, January 11, 2014

US Air Force Armament Museum - Eglin AFB, Florida

We made the trip to Eglin AFB near Fort Walton Beach, Florida to check our the US Air Force Armament Museum. It was raining, so we started inside. They had a few nice planes and a bunch of guns and missiles and bombs.It is amazing how fast technology has impacted each of these areas.

Here is a nice P-51:

A very nice display of guns including a M - 61 20mm high rate of fire cannon.

Then I sat in a trainer for one of my favorite airplanes the A-10 Warthog.
 I was able to walk up and touch a SR71 Blackbird - Awesome!
 No collection is complete without the B-17 - 12 O'Clock high comes to mind
 Here is a real A-10 Warthog - how would you like to get in those sights?
 Then this awesome gunship - zoom in to see the barrels sticking out the side.
It was an awesome display. The Air Force does a nice job.

Kim and I then went to Destin to let here see the area. She really wanted to see this area, very touristy, but she wanted to go, so we did. We went to Henderson SP just to check it out. It had the largest sites I have seen. A very nice park. We then went down to Pensacola Beach. It was very windy, but a nice beach. Here is my bride on the beach:

Kim just loves beaches.

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