Sunday, October 12, 2014

Camping challenges

When we returned to the Denver area, we set up at Chatfield State Park. It is OK for a metro area State Park and is close enough to the places we want to go. I went to pay for our spot and was informed that they did not have room for us on the weekend. They were closing one of their main loops. That makes no sense. That is what drives me a bit crazy about State Parks. Most of them are not run like a real business. They seem to just follow some arbitrary rules that leave no opening for local management the ability to make logical decisions. Bear Creek Lake Park had no open sites for the weekend, so we ended up staying at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for $30 per night. We were camped in a parking lot with Electric and water. Oh well, you have to roll with the punches in this lifestyle. After the weekend we moved over to Bear Creek for the final 4 days we were going to be in Denver.

Here is our site at Chatfield:

Here is a picture of Chatfield Reservoir:

We were really looking forward to hanging out with my brother Bob and his family. We started out by attending a Friday football game. Adilynn was playing flute in the band. I suffered through a high school football game. Here is a picture of Nelena and Daniel at the game: 

Here is Adilynn and the band:

We also went to Daniels Hockey game. I got into the game and forgot to take any pictures. Sorry Daniel.  It was great spending time with the entire family. We spent the rest of the next week hanging out with Mom and Dad and making some drives into the mountains. 

We made a drive up to Pine and stopped by the Bucksnort Bar. They were closed, but it is a cool area that is made up of solid rock walls and canyons

It is really great to have the time to just hang out, but they all have their busy lives.

Here is a sunset photo at Bear Creek:

Spending time with family is good, but we were ready to move on and get back into our relaxed lifestyle with no "schedule".

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