Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Moving on to Nebraska

We finally left Colorado yesterday October 14. We arrived in the state on August 3. We had an awesome time. The best news is that we only saw a small portion of this beautiful state. If you add to the beauty and things to do to hanging out with family. It is clear we will be back soon. I will end Colorado pictures with on of some Pelicans taking off and then our last sunset.

We chose our travle days carefully. We look for good weather and no wind. I hate to drive the rig in wind over about 15 mph.

We left North Sterling SP about 9:30 AM. It is kind of strange how we both get motivated on moving days. When Kim asked me the night before what time I wanted to leave, I told her before 11. Our plan was to drive to McCook, NE and check out the free city park with hook ups. We pulled in and it really was not bad, but we decided that we would just eat lunch and drive another 80 or so miles to Harlan County Lake. HCL is a COE park and it looked good on the internet. We arrived about 4:30 after the time change and got set up. The site has water and electric and is $5 per night after our interagency discount. What a deal.

Here is a picture of our site:

I went for a long walk this morning and saw this boat getting ready to launch.You may ask why I took a picture of a boat. Well this is a Crestliner. I have not seen one in a while and was not sure if they are still made. My Dad had a Crestliner back in the 1960's when we lived in Washington State. This one is for you Dad:

I asked the guy if I could take a picture of his boat, that lead into a 1 hour conversation about fishing in the area. He caught a 55lb. catfish yesterday. Wow.

We are expecting to stay here for a few days. We are now trying to determine where we will go next. When we figure that out, we will let you know.

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