Sunday, October 19, 2014

Missouri and then back to Nebraska?

We left Hunters Cove Campground at Harlan County Lake on Friday October 17. We don't normally travel on Friday, but our destination had plenty of available sites and the weather was good. We are getting closer to Missouri and we are really looking forward to seeing the kids and grandkids, so our pace is picking up. Before we left I took a picture of the Pelican's making a pile on a small island.

Fall is coming to Nebraska, here are a couple of shots:

We stopped to check out a prairie dog town.

We went into a small town that had an interesting name.

You might think that Democrats are not welcome here, but the truth is that this city is named for the Republican river. 

We then drove through miles and miles of corn and soy bean fields. It is harvest time and we had to wait behind a number of large harvesters. This is all feed corn. Did you know that 92% of all of the corn grown in this country is not for human consumption? They would turn a field that looked like this:

Into this:

We drove to Big Lake SP that is about 5 miles into Missouri. We wanted to stay at Indian Cave SP in Nebraska, but for some reason they were full for the weekend. Big Lake is really nothing special. The park was wiped out by a flood in 2011 and just reopened. After a 230 mile driving day we stayed a couple of days. On Saturday we decided to drive back over the river to Indian Cave SP to check it out. When we arrived we found a crowd of families and a 100%+ full campground. They do a Halloween theme for the month and they really get into it with decorations in all of the campsites.

The cave was pretty cool:

They had a nice overlook of the Missouri River and some local history exhibits. 

Overall it was interesting, but not great. We ended the day by going to church in Fall River, Nebraska. I was very impressed with that small town. 

I think we will make one more stop in central Missouri and get back to the Springfield area sometime next week, but as always that is subject to change. 

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