Monday, October 13, 2014

The Life of a Turtle

Have I mentioned how much we love our lifestyle? Kim likes to say that we live the life of a turtle. We carry our house with us. If we want to move, we do. If we want to stay put we do that also. the last few days have been an example of letting the wind tell us what to do. Literally. We left the Denver area on Thursday, October 8. We drove about 150 miles to North Sterling State Park. It is a decent SP sitting on a lake. Here is a picture of our campsite overlooking the lake:

We were going to depart on Sunday and move into Nebraska, but the weather looked a bit dicey. The wind was coming up and by Saturday afternoon was blowing about 25 MPH out of the north. We decided to stick around for a couple more days and wait for better travel weather. We got news on Saturday evening that my Mom had an issue and this decision also gave me the chance to make sure all is good with her. The good news is that she will be fine, but if things were not that positive, we could move right back to Denver.

One cool thing about this place is the White Pelicans. They migrate here each year to next at this lake. Here are a couple of pics:

These are fun birds to watch as they cruise around the lake fishing.

Here is a shot of the lake from behind the rig:

This entry is not a picturesque as the last couple of months of beautiful Colorado mountains, but still not bad. We will move on tomorrow to some place in Nebraska. We are not really sure where we will stay. We have a couple of options. So, in one week we have made it all of 150 miles - definitely turtlesque.

Here is one last picture of the rig and a sunset behind it.

Don't be in too much of a hurry. You never know what you are going to miss.

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