Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kim's walk to Crystal Mill

On Saturday, Kim decided  to take a walk to the Crystal mill. I told her that it would be a hard walk and suggested that I go. I was informed that I was not invited. She thinks I walk too fast and she wanted to take her time. OK, we made a plan for me to come and get her on the motorcycle if she was later than 6:00 PM. She took off at 12:30.

Here are a few of her pictures:

Alison Roy and Dog Jasper

The road was very busy on this day and she walked along with others heading up the rocky road to see the colors and the mill. I was worried, but she was safe.

She made it the 4.5 miles to the mill. Most of it was uphill. She gained over 1000 feet in elevation.

6 year old barefoot Remi and his parents

In the mountains, the weather can be very different at different elevations. A strong storm was coming in and I was not looking forward to riding up to get her in the rain. I decided to go up and get her a little before 6. She had a great day and was very excited to see the Mill.

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