Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Friends and the Really Big Fish

We really liked Bogan Flats Campground. The fall colors were amazing and the campground was very nice. The site was the best part. Here is the view out our back window of the Crystal River:

When we woke up in the morning and looked out the window, it looked like we were floating on the river. And there were fish in the river. My kind of place. We will return to site #23 in Bogan Flats.

One of the other great things about this lifestyle is that we get to meet and get to know some other like minded folks. We met Dave and Kay our first day at Bogan Flats. They were camped just behind us. We kind of hung out together for the time we were there and had a few meals together. Dave and I went fishing and after just about 10 minutes he caught this huge Snake River Cutthroat trout. We debated the species, but we finally got a definitive identification from our camp host Doug. Doug is a very accomplished fisherman and was very helpful with advice while we were there. He is also from Conway, Missouri. Which makes him a neighbor when we are at the ranch. Here is Dave and Kay and "the Fish":

While we were fishing  I took a few other shots of the area around the lake. 

I really liked the reflection in the lake.

This one is my favorite:

We had the fish for dinner. Dave did a great job fileting the fish and cooking them up. We added a dish and we had a nice evening. Thanks Dave and Kay!

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