Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day is over and Fishing the Gunnison


I always find it interesting to see the events of Monday of a holiday weekend in a campground. I watched some things happen that you would have to see to believe. I guess some people are really ready to go home. By noon, the campground was almost empty. We did almost nothing all day. I finally got up and took a few pictures.

Here is our site with the West Elk mountains in the background.


Here is a better picture of my rail that I put my motorcycle on. Thanks again Bob D.!


The lake is very low. It is being used to irrigate this beautiful valley and grow some grapes, and peaches and apples.


This one makes us look like we are camped on a cliff.


I like this shot. We were really all by ourselves.


On Tuesday, I got up at the crack of dawn. OK, more like 7:30. I wanted to head down to the lower Gunnison to fish and area I had read about. i thought about my new life as I watched all of the people heading to school and work after the long weekend. Me, I was gong fishing.

The river access was beautiful.


Here is a shot of a trail I walked up stream to find some good fishing.


I found some and caught this nice German Brown Trout.


Mike K., I also caught a much larger Rainbow, but he was not willing to stick around for pictures. It was an awesome day of fishing. I really got my exercise also. I walked over 6 miles.


I will try to get back there at some point. It was an awesome place to fish and the fish are somewhat cooperative. I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend.

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