Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grand Mesa and Vega SP


We went to church in Delta on this beautiful Sunday morning. The funny thing is the church had been condemned earlier that week, so we were having mass in the parish hall. Bingo scoreboard and all. You could tell they had a great pastor and a very close knit congregation, i am sure they will recover just fine. After church we headed up to the Grand Mesa. We went from about 5000 feet to 10000 feet in just a few miles. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees. No way we could take the trailer up that road. For some reason, we did not take too many pictures.


The Grand Mesa is dotted with small lakes. It was pretty windy, so I did not do any fishing. There is a great deal of dispersed camping sites and many ATV trails. It would be a fun place to bring a small trailer or truck camper and do some riding and fishing. The place was pretty packed for the holiday weekend. We got on a dirt road and saw a big part of the back country.


Here is a view off the side of the mesa:


We then drove over to Vega SP. The drive up was very steep and winding. We decided then it was not a good choice for our next stop. I did not take a single picture at the SP. I do remember one funny story. We were driving through on of the campgrounds and some ladies were picking berries. Kim asked them what they were picking and they said “choke cherries”. They gave her a few and told her they are good in jams and syrups. Kim decided to try one. I declined. The look on here face was priceless. I think it took a day to get that taste out of her mouth.

We then drove down to Grand Junction. Did you know that the name Grand Junction comes from the junction of two great rivers, the Gunnison and the Colorado. I did take a few pictures of Plateau canyon.



It was quite impressive and an unexpected treat. We then drove over to see Robb SP, it is right on I 70. It would not be bad for a one night stopover, but not our kind of place. Then we made the long drive to Delta. We had dinner there. Only the third meal out on this trip and then back home to Crawford. It was a long day. We are still searching for our next stop. Stay tuned to see where we go next.

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