Thursday, September 4, 2014

Leroux Creek – Beating the heat


The area around Crawford is very dry. The Colorado sun is warm during the day. We had a forecast for temps in the 80’s on Wednesday, September 3. We went down to Hotchkiss, where the temp was 89 in the truck and then headed up to LeRoux creek. This was a paved road for the first 5 miles and then about 9 miles of gravel. We went from about 6000 feet to about 8900. The temp dropped down to 60 degrees. It was quite pleasant. Kim sat and read a book. Here is her view from her chair.



I tried to fish the small stream, but it was very difficult because of extensive undergrowth. Bear Season has opened up here and so has Bow season for Deer and Elk. We saw a number of hunters camps.

We bought some food for dinner and stopped along the drive for a nice picnic dinner.

As we drove we saw large numbers of deer in the fields:


It was a nice drive and a great way to beat the heat. This was a short entry, but just another day on the road.

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