Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Canyon of the Gunnison – North Rim


When we arrived at Crawford SP we noted that they north rim of the Black Canyon NP was only 11 miles away. We headed out on the motorcycle Saturday morning, August 30. It was an easy ride with only the last 5 miles being gravel. There was no entrance gate to show our newly acquired NP pass. Also known as the interagency pass.


We went to the first lookout and the only word that would come to my mouth once again was “WOW”.







Every now and again I can get a pretty girl to take a picture with me.


The views were breathtaking. Every time we would walk out to the rail to look over, it would literally take your breath away. In most cases it was 2000 feet straight down to the river. This is a place I will never forget.


If you look closely you can see some people on the other rim at an overlook. 


We then went back to the campsite and relaxed. It was a nice Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend. We had a full park, but still very quiet and enjoyable.


Here was our view out our big picture windows to end another beautiful day.


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