Friday, September 5, 2014

Crawford State Park and Marble

We left Ridgeway SP on Thursday, August 28. We needed to find a good place to hang out through the Labor Day weekend. We were able to get one of the last available spots at Crawford SP. When we first arrived we were not that impressed. The lake was very low, but as you can see in my last post we have come to like this place. The views of the Elk Mountains Wilderness are beautiful.

On Friday morning we headed out to check out a few other potential places to go next. The first place we went was Paonia State Park. We were not impressed. The lake was almost gone and the muddy creek was not pleasant to look at. We headed up and over McClure pass and down to Bogan Flats. That campground was good, but very expensive. We drove on to Marble. It is a small town in a valley up from Bogan Flats. This is the site of a large Marble deposit. It was mined very heavily early in the 20th century and then sat dormant for many years until just recently. Two Italian brothers bought the place and are shipping our white marble back to Italy. Here is a picture of the site today:


Those are solid blocks of White marble. This is where the marble for the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington were mined and cut. At one time, there was a huge building that was the processing plant. You can tour the ruins. They built the pillars out of marble scraps.


Here is a marble wall:


There were a few sculptures around town to show what could be done with the marble:



We then headed down to Redstone. This is a very interesting town. There is a campground there, but very expensive. We just toured around and drove down the beautiful gorge heading to Carbondale.



We found this little waterfall:


How does this tree grow there?



The scenery was very nice in that area.


I am trying to catch up, but the days of adventure just keep on coming. I have so many stories left to tell. Have a great day!

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