Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Need to Fish the Gunnison again

The first trip we made to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison had little time for fishing. I had heard the fishing was very good, so I had to go back. We had other things to do that day including getting an oil change on the truck, so we drove the truck. We had to take the 16% grade road again. Here is a portion of the road:

Road into Black Canyon

If you look close you can see the road several times.

I fished, but again had no luck. Late in the day a few were coming to the surface, but still none liked what I was offering.


The scenery was beautiful and I really didn’t mind not catching fish. Yeah, Right!

The next day, I think it was Tuesday, August 26, we took a ride on the motorcycle up to Owl Lake Pass and rode down the East creek.  Here are a few shots:


This is where we stopped for lunch.




It is sooo beautiful up there. If you are ever looking for me, this would be a good place to start.

We are beginning to think about our next place to go. We are not going to be able to stay at Ridgeway State Park for the Labor Day weekend. We made reservations at Crawford State Park. It does not look as nice as the area around Ouray, but we will see how it works out. We have one more adventure before we move on.

I have to end this with a sunset shot.


I hope your sunset was as beautiful as this one.

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