Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leaving Erickson Springs


We stayed at Erickson Springs for 2 full weeks. It was a very nice little campground and we had a great campground host. Here is Mel:


Mel is 81 and gets around like he is 60. He claims this will be his first and only camp hosting adventure, but we will see.

Before we left we took a ride up Kebler Pass one more time to see if the largest stand of Aspen in the world had started to turn. We got a few pictures of some isolated stands of trees that have turned to gold.

Aspens and Rock Mountain 

Dirt tracks and Aspen


Mountains and Aspen

Mountains overlooking Aspen

Here is a picture of our campsite at Erickson Springs. It did not get much sunlight, but it was sunny every day except the day after we arrived and the day before we left.


This picture is for my Mom. Check out the big Blue Spruce on the left:


We decided it was time to move on. We moved a grand total of 10 miles as the crow flies to Bogan Flats campground on the Crystal River. It was a 40 mile drive up and over McClure Pass.


It was a steep but short climb and then back down to the town of Marble.


You may get tired of seeing yellow and gold trees. Bogan Flats is beautiful. We have the Crystal River right out the back window of the rig.

Bogan Flats from the pass


I think we are going to like it here.

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