Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leaving the Ranch

I wanted to make an entry covering the last week at the ranch. After returning from my trip on the Buffalo river, I rested up and got settled in back at the ranch. There has been a bunch going on and although it has still been hot, we have had some rain and we have had some short intervals of cooler weather. On Friday, July 15, I took advantage of temps in the 70's to get one last ride in.

I wanted to try out some training methods that some of the regional professionals have shown me. I also wanted to create some new video that I could use to continue to learn more about making videos that I can publish. Here is a link to a video that I produced, that I also posted on my facebook account.

Riding Session Video

The training methods are all about interval training. This means you ride the same section of trail over and over again for time. This allows you to grade your performance and also to learn what makes you faster and what does not. It also makes training more fun. I was able to cut my time riding a section that is about a mile long from 5:12 to 4:39, just riding it 4 times. That would be a huge improvement in a race.

Over this past weekend we again had a couple of the young fast guys at the ranch training. It is so much fun hanging out with them and inspiring watching them train on and off the motorcycles. The awesome thing is they are just as awesome young men as they are riders. We will be watching the results for the National Enduro in Pennsylvania on July 24. Go Harrison and Logan, we will be rooting for you.

I have taken a few pictures of some amazing sunsets and cloud formations that I will post here for those that like that sort of thing, like I do.

We love staying at the ranch, but we have been getting hitch itch bad and needed to get back on the road. We left the ranch on Monday, July 18 and headed back to Bull Shoals Reservoir. We are planning to stay for two weeks and enjoy some water skiing and time with grandkids. We have it planned where we will spend time with 5 of Shannon's 6 kids. Teenagers have to work, so we won't get to spend time with Hannah at the lake during this time.

After the two weeks at the lake, we will take the boat back to the ranch and then head to Colorado to see my folks and brother and his family. We will then head to the mountains for some cooler weather for a month or more. I can't wait, it has been really hot and humid this week. Check back for some fun lake action and more attempts at making entertaining videos.

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