Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life at the Lake

We left the ranch on Monday, July 18. We drove the 65 miles to our favorite site at Bull Shoals Reservoir. We stay at this same park because it is the closest park to Ozark. The lake at this point is also very narrow and protected from wind. That makes it perfect for water skiing. We were excited to see that our usual site #8 was available. The only problem with site 8 is that it only has 30 amp electric. That is only a problem when it gets very hot. The forecast for the next two weeks was for near record heat, so that may be a problem.

We went back to the ranch by way of Ozark to pick up Will and then the boat. The plan was to spend time with each of the grandkids. We spent three days with William. We skied each day and had a blast swimming and playing with Will. He is a funny kid and although he is now 7 and growing up quickly, he is still lovable. I asked Will to take a few pictures while I was skiing. He decided to take video and he did great. I did a little editing and posted the video below to my YouTube channel.

Water Skiing on Bull Shoals

Will loves to fish, so we both spent some time fishing. We had some good luck and caught a number of fish.

Here is another shot of Will and Kim swimming.

We had some very interesting views of the full moon. I really liked this one of the moon and it's reflection off the water.

The evenings were still warm, but Will enjoyed chasing the frogs. This one became his pet for a while until he learned about letting it go to allow it to live on.

That boy still has those amazing eyelashes.

We enjoyed our time together. On Thursday, we traded Will for his big brother Jacob. He now prefers to be called Jake. I will write about our visit with Jake in my next entry.

We have our plan put together for our trip to Colorado. We are going to move a bit faster than we normally do. We ill cover the 900 miles in a week. We will keep our daily drives down to around 200 miles, but we will be moving most days. It seems way to fast, but we have seen Kansas many times before, and we will be returning to Missouri via Kansas in September. We have to be back in Missouri for Amelia's first birthday on October 23.

Check back for our always interesting time with Jake.


  1. Ya'll enjoy Colorado. There are some great places to see there and much cooler in the upper elevations. Safe travels.

  2. Love that moon reflection picture too! Looks like a nice park to be in. We will be traveling that way next year and I will keep Bull Shoals in mind. We've been loving Colorado this year. If you're nearby us, give us a shout. We'll be here in the SW until the snow flies.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie. There are lots of places to go in Missouri, I would just avoid July and August. Too Hot and Humid. I think we will be a bit more north in Colorado, but I will keep an eye on your blog and let you know if we are in the area.