Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wedding Time

I have not posted to this blog in about a week. We have been very busy with doing things before the wedding of our niece. The wedding is the main reason we have stayed down along the Texas coast for the past 40 days.

We have been staying at Mustang Island State Park for the past week. This park is OK, but not great, but it served its purpose. We think it is a bargain at $120 for 7 days with water and electric. We have very good Verizon Cell service and good OTA TV from Corpus Christi. It is only about a 10 mile drive to good shopping. It is also about 10 miles to Port Aransas, which was the location for the wedding.

Here is a nice sunset shot to show you the very basic site setup.

It is really just a large parking lot with back-ins all along the two sides. Here is our site.

There is no view of the gulf or the beach. You have to take a short walk to get to the beach or the two rock jetties. Here is the view out the back. The gulf is just over those grassy dunes.

The first part of the week was spent fishing and crabbing - No surprise there. I tried to fish off of the jetty, but the surf was up and it was not productive.

I decided to go to the back side of the island and try to do some fishing and crabbing in fish pass. Here is my setup to try to catch some crabs.

I had the company of this Great Egret most of the day.

I ended up catching 5 crabs. They made a nice dinner.

The second day I fished, I was gifted with a large trout. The guy had fished too long and was late for work, so he gave the fish to me. It also made a nice dinner. I fished for most of the day and did not catch anything to take home. This day it was a large Blue Heron that kept me company. He was fearless, he would just walk right up to me.

I wish I could say it was my witty conversation that kept him close all day, but it was that large fish that he had his eye on. After I cleaned the fish he took his prize and flew away.

I fished one day with my FIL Richie. We had fun, but did not catch anything to take home.

Here is FIL Richie playing Santa for the kids. 
Here are a few family pictures from the wedding for my family members that read this blog.

My nephew Eric with his twins Walter and Caroline
My wife Kim, Aunt LaLa looking great and SIL Erin - Mother of the bride
Ryan, Navy Pilot and Groom Ben, Beautiful Bride Daisy, Eric, Halle and Corey
I just love this next shot. Bill and LaLa have gone through a big health scare over the past three years. The good news is they are doing well and all looks good. It was great to see them back to good health and having fun. Bill is an excellent dancer.
Bill and LaLa having fun - It was great to see
The wedding was good and the reception/party afterwards was epic. Kim and I danced all night. That was the most fun time I have had at a wedding...EVER!

I wanted to include a couple of shots of this small class A. This is for you Dad. Check it out, this may be what you are looking for:

We ended up spending 38 nights along the coast. We had a short walk to the beach at all of those sites except Goose Island, but we were right on the bay there. We ended up spending and average of $18 per night during that time. I am really pleased with that.

It is now time to head west. We will go at our usual slow pace. We are shooting to be in Big Bend for Christmas. We are planning to be in Quartzite the end of January to meet up with some friends and see what that place is all about and then on to California. I can't wait to see where we end up along the way.


  1. What great family time! Awesome crabs and a nice trout. Beautiful area, sounds like a great time!

    1. One of the great things about this lifestyle is that you can prioritize things in your life based on just our feelings. Not some corporate goals. Thanks for reading.