Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Weeks at Bull Shoals

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything. We left the ranch on June 14 and went down to the Beaver Creek Campground on the upper end of Bull Shoals Reservoir. We did not have a good cell signal at the campground. It would work good enough for some minor things, but I could not get blogger to post pictures, so no blog posts.

Beaver Creek is a COE park. We love COE parks. This one has some large sites and most are level. Check out site #8, we can fit both the rig and the boat and truck parked end to end.

We had a great time the first week. Shannon and Amelia came and stayed with us for 3 days. Here is picture of Amelia in my boat and one of me skiing.

Check out that water. I just love the sound the ski makes cutting through glass smooth water.

After the first week, Kim left to go to Texas with Shannon. No boat driver means no skiing.

I took the time to focus on conditioning. I did some fast paced walking on the big hills around the campground and surrounding area. It is enjoyable to walk and check out the wildlife. There are many different varieties of birds including Geese, Ducks, Eagles, Hawks, Turkey Vultures and Black Buzzards.

Black Buzzards and Canada Geese in the water
One morning I was awoken by something on the roof of the trailer. It was those Big Black Buzzards. I later got up on the roof and found that they had done some significant damage to my roof. I do carry patches, so I was able to fix it, but it will require a better fix in the coming months.

We did have a couple of significant storms with wind and hard rain. The rood did not leak. I could get mad, but that is why they call them WILD animals. It is all part of living like we do.

I did get the Sea Eagle kayak out and did some paddling and fishing. Here are a few shots of that experience.

Beautiful morning on the water.
Decent size Bass
Sea Eagle 420X configured for one person. Great Boat.
We had some excellent sunrises and sunsets while we were there.

Cool Sunset
Full Moon over the lake.
One of the best things about this site is the views right out the back window.

Back Window view
I had a conversation with one of the COE Rangers during our second week. She set me straight on a rule that I did not totally understand. We were planning to continue on to another COE park after our
2 week stay, but that is not allowed. You are not allowed to stay at another COE park in this "Project" until you spend 7 days away. The good news is that they do not enforce the limit other than Holiday weekends. We were really not looking forward to being at the lake over the 4th of July. It is always crazy and we tend to just stay inside and wait for the weekend to end and everyone leaves. So, we decided to just head back to the ranch and spend the next week or so and then head back to the lake for more skiing and fun.

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