Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Haskell, Texas

I am writing this on May 10 from Fort Worth, Texas. We will stay here for a week or more to participate in a family gathering to celebrate our Niece's wedding. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Back on Friday May 5, we left Bottomless Lakes SP near Roswell, NM. As I wrote in my previous entry, we drove over 250 miles to arrive at Haskell, TX. The city RV park is a common thing in the central part of the country. Many of the spaces are used by people that follow the farm work. Many of them have beautiful rigs that they live in while they migrate north and south. Farm work in the central part of the country is not unskilled labor. These folks drive large farm machinery and make a good living doing so. The area around Haskell is planted with both wheat and cotton. Right now they are harvesting the winter wheat and preparing to plant cotton and other grains.

The park is a normal city park with baseball fields and playground equipment. There is a paved trail that winds through the park past a small lake. The cost to stay here with 50 amp electric, water and sewer is free for the first night and $16 for each night after that. We had good cell signal and even some OTA TV from Abilene, TX. The park is fairly quiet except for a highway about a quarter mile away.

One thing we have to do when we come to Texas is eat at a country Texas DQ. If you are not aware, Texas DQ is unlike any other in the country. None of the food is good for you, but we love it. There was a very old store within walking distance of the park. We had lunch/dinner/dessert and then went for a walk around the traditional town square.

Kim in the gazebo with her take home box.
Haskell is the county seat of Haskell county. The courthouse was built in 1931.

The square is paved with red bricks. Many of the buildings are empty, but a few nice shops remain. This is a typical small west Texas town.

The next day, I took a 10 mile bike ride all around the town. I have found that a bike is a great way to see all the sites and get some exercise also. I saw a few classic cars sitting out in barn yards, but that was about it. I did find the church and verified the 7 PM mass time, so we went there that evening.

Not much else to say about Haskell, so on Sunday we headed out. We drove about 100 miles to Possum Kingdom State Park. In my next entry, I will write about PK.


  1. Love those city parks! I hope you have good weather for the wedding!

    1. It would be great if someone made a directory of all the best city parks. The only problem is you go in pretty blind.