Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Video Link: Passage from Dry Tortugas to Fort Myers Beach

I recorded 3 updates while we sailed from the Dry Tortugas to Fort Myers Beach on January 22-23, 2020. There is also some raw GoPro footage along the side of the boat with some Dolphins.

Click on this link to view video: Sail from Dry Tortugas to Fort Myers Beach

Thanks for reading and watching!


  1. Still loving your travels. How far away does your radar pick up other boats or ships. Is that a concern at night?

    1. Our radar will reach out a little over 10 miles at water level. We can see storms about 20 miles. We can see many other vessels on AIS. AIS will tell us course and speed. On a dark night, you can see another vessels lights a long way off. The problem then becomes trying to determine which way they are going and how fast. Most of the time it is a dark sea. Thanks for the question, Lorne.