Saturday, October 25, 2014

Knob Noster SP and back to Hardwood Hills Ranch

I am a bit late posting this. When we get back to HHR, I lose interest in this blog because we don't have much to report. I don't take many pictures because I rarely take the camera with me when I am out and about. We left Big Lake State Park on Sunday October 19. We drove about 150 miles through Kansas City to Knob Noster SP, which is just outside the gate of Whiteman Air Force Base. This is the base that is the home to the B-2 bomber. I have seen them flying before, but we did not see any this time. We only stayed one night and did not do much while we were there. We were really ready to make it on back to the Springfield area and see the kids and grand kids. Here is a picture of our site at Knob Noster:

We drove from Knob Noster down to Clinton and checked our Sparrow foot campground .It was not very nice, but would be a decent stop on our way back to Springfield on future trips. 

We arrived back at HHR and got set up and began the process of getting the ranch back the way we like to see it. On Tuesday evening we went over to Brian and Shannon's place and had a nice visit with all 5 kids. Scott came by also. The only down side of making long trips is missing the kids and grand kids. The kids grow up so fast. 

I will try to post here as I have something to say over the next month or two. I don't know how long we will stay in Missouri, but when the weather turns cold, we will go south in search of perpetual fall. "Sunny and 75" continues to be our theme song. 

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