Sunday, February 25, 2018

Charleston, South Carolina

I am writing this on Sunday, February 25. I just can't seem to stay caught up on this blog. We are now staying near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We have been traveling at our normal pace, moving slowly along the coast. This is a part of the country we really wanted to see, so read on if you want to take the tour with us.

We arrived at Lake Aire RV park and campground on Sunday, February 11. It was a 132 mile drive through an area of South Carolina called the "Low Country". This is a flat area along the coast that is filled with old plantations and swamps. This is truly the old south.

Lake Aire is a Passport America park that has some strange pricing. The base rate is only $19 per night, but they charge extra for 50 Amp electric, water, sewer individually. We opted for 30amp with no sewer. I think it worked out to about $24 per night. It is a nice place except for the back row of permanent residents. That looks a bit run down. They have some nice ponds that you can fish in without a license. Overall it was fine. It did rain a few days we were there and the place did get a bit muddy, but not bad.

We had site M2, which is out on a little peninsula
One thing we have noticed is that as you travel east, the chances of having good cell signal and OTA TV increase. We were able to watch the Olympics and have fast internet.

We did have rain a few days and on those days we just chilled out at the park. We made multiple trips into Charleston. It was only about 15 miles away. I will consolidate all of those visits into one post because I can't really remember what we did on one day versus another. We decided to find a place to park each day and then just walk. That really works well for us and we can always use the exercise. We started with a walk in Waterfront park.

I thought that this fountain was cool. All of the jets of water meet to form the column in the middle.

This town is full of historic houses and churches. Many of the houses date back to the 1700's. Much of the city did receive damage from shelling near the end of the Civil War. 

St. Phillips Anglican church

Across the street from the church is a cemetery that is very old. We found the grave of William Rhett. He was born in 1666 and was instrumental in the early days of Charleston.

We later found his house.

The Exchange and Dungeon. Cool Buildings along this street.

Interesting history

Washington Square

Many beautiful churches. They call Charleston the holy city because of all of the church steeples. 

Many old cemeteries in the church yards
Catholic Church

We loved the architecture and history. I took a bunch more pictures, but this will do for now. We also saw some other interesting places. The market place is along market street. It is full of local artisans selling their wares.

At the end of the marketplace upstairs is the Confederate museum that is kept by the daughters of the confederacy. There is no sign, you just have to know it is there. We paid the $5 per person and checked it out. There are many historical items. They don't allow pictures, but they let me take one from outside looking in.

That is a quick recap of much of our time in Charleston. We were very impressed with everything we saw, but no visit would be complete without a trip out to Fort Sumter. I will write about that visit and some other things we found to do in the area in my next entry.


  1. We loved Charleston! What a great city! We enjoyed it even more than Savanah.

    1. We liked them both, but I think Savannah was our favorite of the two. It may have had something to do with the fact we did Savannah first. Thanks for the comments.