Friday, May 3, 2019

We End Where We Started

It has been well over a month since I have written in this blog. We got back to Missouri on March 20, and it has been crazy since we arrived. I would like to write about all that has happened to be able to remember back to this time later in my life. We are about to make a major change and I would like to remember what it was like before that happened. Stay tuned to hear all about our new direction in life. Before I can write about the new stuff, I need to finish the trip back to Missouri, so that is what this entry is all about.

We left Crystal Springs Campground on March 8. We decided to take the interstate through Little Rock to avoid all of the mountains that are between Hot Springs and Russellville, Arkansas. We reserved a great site overlooking the Arkansas River and the Dardanelle Lock and Dam. This is the same park we stayed in when we started this trip back in November. We come here to see our oldest son, Micheal, amazing wife Audrey and our two awesome grandsons, Connor (age 8) and Cameron (age 5).

Connor and Cameron at the lock. A barge was just going through.
This shot is taken from our site of a barge passing by heading up river. 
This shot was taken at the locks. There was a large flock of White Pelicans feeding below the dam while we were there.
The first activity was a Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby for Connor. Connor's car design was very simple and proved that aerodynamics have little effect in the races. Connor did very well and won the Wolf division and was in the top 4.

We took a trip to a small lake in the National Forest where Micheal and his family enjoy riding their dirt bikes. We decided to go fishing in the lake and Connor even decided to go swimming. The look on his face was priceless when he jumped in. It was much colder than he expected.

Michael, Cameron and Connor looking away.
I kept up the exercise routine while we stayed at Old Post Park. I walked an average of 3 miles each day. I never walk the same route twice, so while I was exploring, I fond the quarry where I suspect they excavated the fill for the dam. It is beautiful with high rock walls and beautiful clear water. There is a large flock of geese that seem to live in there. It is not far from the park.

I talked Kim and the grandchildren to take a walk to see the quarry.

We were planning to leave Old Post on March 18, but we received a message that changed that. Our good friends Melanie and Cameron were going to be in the area and decided to stop and stay for a few days. They just went full time last year and the last time we saw then was the day before they left for their first big adventure in September. It was awesome to catch up with them and find out how things were working out for them. The good news is they are loving the lifestyle and have amazing plans for the future. I keep up with them on Instagram and love to see their updates. While they were with us, we decided to take a drive up to Mount Nebo and take a hike on the bench trail. It was a beautiful day on the mountain. 

We took turns taking pictures. It is some time hard to get pictures of the two of us when we are hiking in cool places.

We left Old Post Park on March 20 and headed back to Missouri. The next day our Grandson Will had a special presentation for being named student of the month in his grade. He did not know we were going to be there and he was quite surprised when I stuck my hand out for a high five and he was running to the stage when they called his name. Later I got a big hug. We missed each other a great amount. 

Here we are with Will and his little sister Amelia. 

This next shot is our site at the ranch at the end of the trip. Our winter trip of 2018/2019 was awesome. We loved our time in the Everglades and were very impressed with south Florida. We had a great time at Disney World, but the highlight of the trip for me was our day sailing in Gulfport. It was truly a life changing experience. 


  1. You've definitely been keeping busy with Family and Friends.
    Waiting to read the big news. Have a hunch what it will be.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the adventures.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for reading. I can't wait to write the next entry.

  2. The good 'ole pine wood derby, some things never get old! Looks like a great time with the family. You have us on pins and needles with your upcoming news!

    1. I love the tradition of the pine wood derby. I have learned the ways to make the cars very fast, but arrived to late to work on Connors car. Oh well, he did fine without me. I am really enjoying your blog as you build your new place. I hope our new place is as well built.