Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dinosaur State Park

We left Lake Lewisville on January 3 to head down to Glen Rose, TX. It was a drive of about 90 miles. We did have to drive through the DFW Metroplex. That was not a major issue, but it was nice to think that we will not be in a major metro area for the foreseeable future. We were looking forward to spending some time with my brother Alan and his wife Denise and hoping to see their two girls, Erin and Alisha.

We set up camp at Dinosaur SP just outside of Glen Rose. We have stayed here before, but it is really nice. Here is our site:

After going to church on Sunday, we went over to Alan's. They have an awesome home in Pecan Plantation. Dinner was great and they even gave us some pecans. Much to our delight, both Erin and Alisha were there. Brian and Julie stopped by on their way back through from a couple of days at their lake house. I also got to spend some time getting to know the fifth newest member of the family, Erin's husband Tim. Impressive guy. We watched the Cowboy game. Great Result! Lions fans need to get over the pass interference "no-call". That hand fighting could be called interference on every play. That was a good no call in my opinion. My blog my opinion.

Here is Alisha with her dog Nola:

On Monday, I sent much of the day hiking. Kim did not. I found some dinosaur tracks:

I learned a lot about the history of this area. Did you know that this was once the beach of Texas?

I then hiked to the top of the Overlook. It was a great workout and I had a blast. Here are a few shots.

There was a monument dedicated to a guy that spent 30+ years of his life preserving and growing this area. Nice to be appreciated.

I then took a walk along the river. It was a beautiful windless day.

I really like reflection shots:

We had Alan and Denise out to the park last night for dinner. It was a beautiful evening, so we had a campfire. Unfortunately, Denise's 90 year old mother had a health issue yesterday, so she was worried about her. Our prayers go out to her and our hope for a speedy recovery.

It is getting cold around here, so we are moving south tomorrow. We are looking at a move of about 125 miles, but you never know. Make it a great day!

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