Friday, January 23, 2015

We love the Beach!

We arrived at Mustang Island State Park on Tuesday, January 20. We usually have a destination in mind when we are traveling and this was it for the first part of this trip. It was sunny and almost 80 when we were driving through Corpus Christi. When we got to the beach it was a bit cooler, maybe around 70. It was still very nice. The cool thing about this place is you can drive right out on the beach.

We parked the truck and took a long walk on the beach. We met a number of other couples that were also enjoying the nice day on the beach and as usual picked up some good advice on what to do while we are here. It looks like some birding boardwalks and some beach time are in the plan. 

Kim had to get her feet wet right away.

Here are a couple of shots of the "road" on the beach.

We love to look for shells as we walk along the beach. Kim usually picks up trash also. Here are the shells I found on day 1. Two small full sand dollars and a very cool looking crab shell. I have never seen one like that before.

We are expecting some rough weather on Thursday and Friday. We will see what that does to our activities on those days. We may just sit inside and read. I am not really sure what we will do, but I am sure we will find something. 


  1. I'm glad ya'll are enjoying the beach. If the weather forces you inside, there is a Redbox at the CVS about 10 miles away. Cya down the road.

  2. Thanks Darrell. The weather the last two days has been bad, but not below freezing. Just high winds and in the 40's. It is going to get nice the next three days. I am going to try some fishing.