Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Port Aransas, Texas

We have been hanging out at Mustang Island State Park for the past 7 days (1/20 –27/15). Just down the Island about 12 miles is the small fishing town of Port Aransas. I really like this little town. Kim’s sister and brother in law have a townhouse just off the beach in Port A, as the locals call it. We met up with them on Sunday after church and had lunch and took a little tour of the town. We took the tour via golf cart. That is right, you can legally drive a golf cart on the city streets. Halle was with us and she had a few specific stops we needed to make. She likes to go inside the shark at this store.

We saw that a shrimp boat was going out that night and would be back in the morning at 9AM with fresh shrimp. I decided it was worth the effort to get up at the crack of 8 to make the drive over and get some shrimp. When I arrived, there was a long line and I was concerned that I would not get any. The good news is that they had plenty. I bought  5 pounds and started planning how I would prepare them.

When I got back, I went out on the Jetty and fished for most of the day. I only caught this one catfish, that is not good to eat. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed just walking around on the rocks and watching the birds and dolphins and other wildlife.

Later in the afternoon, Kim came down and brought lunch. She is awesome! We went down to the beach and found a quiet spot and had lunch. We saw more dolphins from there and had a nice time enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Zoom in to see the dolphin:

I don’t normally take pictures of food, but I will make an exception here. I de-headed all of the shrimp and packed them in zip lock bags of a little over a pound each. I took some of the larger ones (even though most were quite large) and marinated them for a couple of hours. Then put them on skewers and grilled them. Here is the finished product. They were delicious.

I would normally say here that this was just another awesome day, but it was not all that awesome. I got word that a good friend that I used to work with, lost his 24 year old son. I can’t imagine what he and his wife are dealing with. I wish my kids and grandkids were here to hug and tell them how much I love them. Life is so precious, enjoy every minute and don’t take a single moment for granted.

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