Saturday, January 10, 2015

One more hike at Dinosaur SP

I really enjoyed the time at Dinosaur SP. Before we moved on, I wanted to take another hike. I chose the Cedar Ridge area of the SP. I started on the outer loop, but that is over 7 miles and I did not allow enough time to do that. The good news is that there are many different routes that allow you to adjust on the fly. There are steep up-hills and down hills. Plenty of interesting rocks and birds. Here are a few shots of the hike:

Here are some prickly pear. You can see the trails are well marked.

Beautiful views from the top of Cedar Ridge:

There are some very tall limestone cliffs:

One last shot along the river:

I made it back with about a half hour to spare before sunset. I walked almost exactly 5 miles. The exercise was great. I really enjoy the ability to just go for a hike when I feel like it in the winter. 

It was time to move on. Check out future entries to see what kind of things we found to do at Inks Lake SP near Burnet, TX.

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