Thursday, January 22, 2015

San Antonio

January 19 was our 35th anniversary. We decided we should take the opportunity to retrace some steps from our honeymoon all of those years ago. To be honest, we both barely remember the time we spent in San Antonio back in 1980, so it was almost all new to us. We drove from Choke Canyon State Park to downtown San Antonio and parked the truck. We started by doing the Alamo. Here are a few shots:

I kind of like the black and white version.

There were some awesome live oak trees.

Here are the six flags that have flown over Texas.

We listened to a talk on the history and then took in the 15 minute film. I now feel much more educated about the history of the Texas revolution. 

We then took a walk on the Riverwalk. We ended up walking for more than 4 miles. Love my pebble. Thanks again Mark. It is a very fun place to walk with restaurants and shops. There are some areas that are very busy and some that are quiet and romantic.

Here is the selfie at the restaurant were we had dinner.

And a few other shots:

I really liked this church steeple. It is a German built catholic church built in the 1850's.

Here is a cool theater that had the stage on one side of the river and the audience on the other. 

 We had a visitor that hung around the table looking for a tip.

We had a really good day. It was about 70 degrees and sunny. That is our perfect weather. I hope each of you take the time to enjoy your day. Next stop...The BEACH!!!

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