Friday, January 16, 2015

New Braunfels, TX

New Braunfels, TX has always been a favorite place for us. We actually lived there for about 5 months back in 1982. It is amazing how much development has happened since that time. We arrived at Potters Creek Campground on Canyon Lake on Monday, January 12. It was a cold and gloomy day. As a matter of fact it was cold and gloomy the entire time we were there. (except the last 2 hours)

We went over to see Kim's aunt and Uncle. Her uncle is having a health issue, but he is looking great. I would hate to be overconfident, but it looks like he has this one covered. He has a rough 6 months in front of him, but with all of the people he has praying for him, I am confident he will be back to normal soon.

On Tuesday it got even colder. I went for a walk around the very large campground loops. It is over 3 miles if you do them all. I even got Kim to put her tablet down and come out for a second walk in the evening. Here are a few shots of our site:

These were taken the day we left. That was the only day we saw the sun and broken clouds. It is a very nice park. It is a COE park. They did accept our interagency pass, but the gate attendant showed me in her book that she should not have. We will still try to go to as many National Parks as possible to get our moneys worth. 

On Wednesday we braved the cold misty conditions to make a trip to New Braunfels. We decided to drive the old river road. Everything is shut down right now, but you can see the beautiful bluffs along the river. You can also tell the place is a zoo in the warmer weather. We prefer to see it when it is unpopulated. I did not take any pictures, the weather was bad and there are no places to pull off of the road. 

We then went into town and checked out Landa park. It was cold and wet, but I got a couple of shots. This is the founders tree. It is a 350 year old Live Oak. It is huge.

We then went to the oldest bakery in Texas for some baked goods. Yeah, we kind of blew the healthy diet, but we walked yesterday, so I justified it in my mind. 

Kim loves this picture...

I stopped off to buy some diesel. $2.18 is the best price I have seen on this trip. Yeah! I am sure we will see a slow down in activity in south Texas due to the incredible drop in oil prices and that is bad for those folks, but it is good for me.

As the pictures above show, it finally got nice the day we left. We had just decided that we wanted to get further south and closer to the beach. It looks like one more stop and then on to the sand. 

Tune in next time for where we go from here and what trouble I can get in. Life is awesome!

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