Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunset Point Campground

We left Bear Creek Lake Park on Thursday, August 11. We wanted to get to the mountains before the weekend crowd and see if we could find a spot in one of the First Come/First Serve campgrounds. My first choice was Sunset Point Campground on Lake Granby, but I had two other options in mind if that did not work.

We headed up into the mountains. Right after you turn on I 70 the going gets steep. The first pitch up to Genesee overlook is pretty tough. I stayed patient and just kept the speed down and we went up without an issue. The bad part is you then give a bunch of that elevation back when you go down Floyd Hill. From there it is not too bad until you turn off on US 40 and head up Berthoud Pass. It is steep, but not too long and they have done major improvements in the past few years. I was happy to see the top. We stopped and took a few pictures.

 It sure felt good to be up in the Rockies. The views just go on for ever.

We learned about fire weed when we were up in Alaska. When the last flower is gone it is time for winter to start. I wonder if that holds true in Colorado.

I found a good spot for the truck and trailer going down the steep run down to Winter Park. I just pulled the transmission down into 2nd gear manually and let the engine slow us down. I only used the brakes for the corners. I stopped to let traffic by 3 times and near the end checked the temp on the brakes. They were only about 270 degrees on the front. That is much better than the 750 degrees we had on Monarch Pass 2 years ago. I am gaining confidence pulling this rig in the mountains.

We pulled into Sunset Point Campground a little before 2 PM. The campground host met us at the gate and said they had one spot left. Well OK, then site 13 it is. It is not lakeside, but still has a nice view of the lake. We have no shade, but that is better for solar anyway. I can also tell you that direct sunlight first thing in the morning is a good thing. It was 38 degrees this morning.

The good news about this park is we have 4 bars on Verizon 4G, but we have no OTA TV. That means no Olympics. We tried Sling TV, but we can't get NBC on Sling in this area. What is up with that? We have no hookups and the rate is $22 per night. Seems a bit high, but we will look around for good alternatives. You do have to have a pass also. The good news is that an interagency pass will work and we were going to get one at RMNP anyway.

We have gone for a couple of long walks along the lake shore and here are a few of the views.

Now that we are here, what will we do? We are about 10 miles to Rocky Mountain National Park. That will happen for sure, but there are also many other things to do in the area. But first, we will just relax and enjoy the cool mountain air.

Come back to see what we do when we finally get motivated.

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