Friday, February 3, 2017

Camping near Bouse, Arizona

We stayed at the Plomosa road BLM area for the maximum of 2 weeks. On January 30, it was time to leave. I had done some scouting on my motorcycle and found that the area just over a small pass was about 15 miles away and in another district. We could go there and spend 14 days if we wanted and then move right back to the first area. We could do that all winter if we wanted and some do. We are really just waiting for our new inverter to arrive and are just planning to stay about another week in the area.

I have not really found a name for this new place. It is near the town of Bouse, Arizona, so that is what I will call it. We are much closer to the surrounding mountains than in our previous spot, and it is absolutely beautiful. It is much more secluded with just a few RV's in the area.

You may be able to see the arches in that volcanic ridge. It is just to the north of our camp site. I decided that a hike to see the arches up close was in order. I have been walking almost every day since I have been in this area. It is amazing how nature does that to me.

Getting closer...
I hiked up to the shoulder of that ridge to the left of the picture above and decided that was far enough. The route to the top looked pretty sketchy and I was by myself. It was a fun and beautiful hike.

We have been very interested in one particular plant in this area. It is called an Ocotillo. They are normally brown and thorny and look dead. The rain we got about 10 days ago has caused them to leaf out. They only do this a couple of times each year.

I did get Kim to come out for an evening walk a couple of days ago. It was a beautiful evening and the sunset was spectacular. Here is a shot of the mountains to our south.

We heard that there is a big off-road desert race called the Parker 425 being held near here this weekend. They were having a street party yesterday in the town of Parker. We needed to go there to get some supplies and do laundry. They lined up many of the competitors on main street. It was fun checking out the machines. Sadly, there will not be motorcycles in this event, just trucks and buggies.

Check out the rear shocks on that buggy. 
We picked up a map of the course while we were at the street party. There are some designated spectator areas about 10 miles from our camp. I will head out in the desert on Saturday morning and try to get some action shots. It should be my kind of entertainment.

I got the notice last night that my package has arrived in Quartzsite. I will head over there on my motorcycle and pick it up. I just hope they didn't put it in a huge box. We will then check out the race on Saturday and then move into California on Sunday. We have really enjoyed our peace and solitude out here in the desert. Now we will go to the other end of the spectrum and visit the Los Angeles area. Wish us luck.


  1. The hike looked great. I love those Ocotillo too. When they bloom they have beautiful red plumes. If you head north into CA anywhere near Sacramento, let us know and maybe we can meet up. It looks like we won't be getting out of Placerville until March at this point!

  2. I am sorry to hear you are going to be stuck for a while longer. We are heading into So. Cal tomorrow. We will then move north along the 101. We will be in the bay area around March 1. We will keep you guys in mind if you are still in the area.